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Ballebaaz is developed by cricketers for cricketers with love for cricket

Ballebaaz is here to digitally transform your cricket game on ground



Form your own team, join a team or find an opponent for a cricket match is made simple. All you need to do is enable GPS.



We have already collaborated with the cricket grounds across the city of Hyderabad. Select one and get-going!



Right from tossing to displaying scoreboard, Ballebaaz is the perfect cricket empire for you! Its scoreboard is on-of-its kind.

Amazing Features


These scoreboards are highly customizable up to 100 Digits, the standard scoreboard digit size being 6 x 11 inch. It is Wireless, Rangeless, Energy Efficient along with Legitimate Readability for scores. These are available at Y Cricket Ground, Shooting Start Indoor Cricket Ground.


Instantly connect to the scoreboard by just scanning the QR code anytime you want. First of its kind, Wireless with QR code scanner to manually update the score such that it is easily visible for the players and the size of the scoreboard is highly customizable.


Enable the GPS from your device and connect with your existing team or create a new team and find your opponent if you don’t already have one. So, expand and develop your own cricket team and get going guys!


Catch up with your buddies about the Cricket World, manage your team members, discuss field placement or bowling strategies and more through this channel. This app is just going to be all about cricket and we hope you will make most of it!


It is hassle free as there is no need to schedule your booking. Flip the coin, win the toss and start playing all with our super cool Ballebaaz app. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds! You have just sign up and start playing...

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ScoreBoard Features:

The Team Behind Ballebaaz

Ballebaaz is what happens when smart engineers come together to make a difference in their passionate sport i.e. Cricket. Get to know these disruptors who are kicking off the sports through technological advancement.


Aditya VNS


An innovator, who has always been passionate about technology, is the creator of Ballebaaz, disrupting the game of Cricket for entertainers.


Vinod goud

Operations Manager

Vinod represented India for boxing at 17 years of age and is known for his discipline, consistency and determination. A strategist man who just knows how to plan well.


Pranay kumar

Electronics Engineer

Graduating with a degree in Electronics and Communication, he has always loved working with wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes.

How to connect to the scoreboard?

You can instantly connect to the scoreboard, just scan the QR code placed near the scoreboard.

What is the credibility of the scoreboard?

The scoreboard is made up of Thick PVC and 0.8mm Acrylic which is very strong. It can sustain the HIT of the cricket ball and it is also 100% waterproof.

How many digits can be displayed?

These scoreboards are highly customizable up to 100 Digits.

Can I see the individual batsman score?

Yes, we have other models with batsman score, bowler score, and other details.

What is the range of visibility and how fast does it get updated?

The standard scoreboard digit size is 6 by 11 inches for outdoor cricket stadiums which have a visibility range of clearly upto 200 meters and it will update almost immediately with low latency.

What's the fee for subscription?

It is free of cost and download here.

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